Dalton Cyr Music Film Trilogy, “BREATHE” To Premiere at Sun-Ray Cinema

March 23, 2017

Dalton Cyr "Breathe" Music Film Trilogy Movie PosterDuane A. Sikes Productions is set to premiere the Dalton Cyr Music Film Trilogy “Breathe” at Sun-Ray Cinema in Jacksonville, FL on April 9, 2017 at NOON.

Those in attendance will be the first to see the “Breathe” Music Film Trilogy in its entirety. In addition to seeing the film, attendees will enjoy:

  • Q & A with the cast & crew
  • Hear songs from Dalton Cyr’s NEW CD “Breathe”
  • Meet-n-greet with Dalton Cyr
  • Be the FIRST to get Dalton Cyr’s NEW CD “Breathe” & other exclusive merchandise
  • Prizes

The event is FREE and open to all ages.

RSVP to “Breathe” Music Film Trilogy Premiere

About the project: “Breathe” Music Film is a narrative about life and love told across three songs. While the film will be released worldwide in three separate videos, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to see the film in its entirety first and know how the story turns out long before anyone else does. Miss the premiere and you’ll have to wait with everyone else! (Part 1 “Fall Into Place” will be released online on April 12th)

A Note From Dalton About The Project: 
A year in the making, after I came up with the Breathe concept in February 2016, I wrote the songs to go with it. The idea was always to have 3 “chapters” to the story told across three songs. I recorded the songs in the summer of 2016, playing all instruments except for drums and singing all vocal parts, however after “living” with the songs for awhile, I decided I needed to change one of the songs. I went back into the recording studio in late fall 2016 and continued tweaking the song for a bit.

The amazing Sharon Y. Cobb, Cindy Panetti Cyr and I completed the story and continued refining it all the way until the time we filmed. Andrew Wilkins was brought on as co-director with myself. He also was the director of photography and edited the project. What I really liked about Andrew is that it was really important to him to understand and capture my vision and he did an outstanding job of doing exactly that.

Crop Creative Media supplied crew, cameras and lighting. Duane A. Sikes made the whole thing happen by being executive producer, which is an incredible gift in and of itself. Cindy Panetti Cyr took on the massive job of producer working almost around the clock to coordinate the many moving parts.

Many, many people helped make this happen: From ASAP Towing & Storage, Tony Gitzen, & Espling Jewelers who helped us out with some major props to Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 17, Barbara Galvin at East Coast Realty, Florida Yacht Club, Big Talbot Island State Park, Lisa Zeller, Sawgrass Beach Club, and Ridgeview High School for providing locations to Sadiqa Mokbel, Risa Slepikas, Kaitlin Kramer, Mikayla Arnold, Shayla Arnold, Morgan DeMatteo, Dallis Green, Katie Grey, Sondra Cernigliaro, Anna Zeller, Abby Mims, & Octavia Pegues who created props and/or helped with set design to Romona & Mo Mokbel, Kathy & Marc Batzlaff, Linda & Nick DeMatteo, Dorothy & Mark Slepikas, Janet Dickinson, Grace Bryan, Martha & Dennis Panetti, Michelle Brown, Leigh Dickinson and Danielle Bunker who made sure everyone was fed along with a few other tasks during the filming to Michael Hancock who agreed to be our colorist. And I can’t forget Stan Martell and Brad Owens for the sound engineering. This does not even include the entire cast and crew! The crew worked long days and in some less than ideal conditions (weather didn’t always cooperate.) Actress Megan Brown was a trooper and really helped make the story.

There were some big bumps on the way to making this and quite honestly at the 11th hour it almost didn’t happen. It’s been a passion of love and I’m very proud of it. Thanks for your continuing support. It means the world to me. –Dalton

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