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November 19, 2012

Recording Artist Dalton Cyr with First Coast Living Hosts, Nick Loren & Charlene Shirk, 2012


In case you missed it, on Friday I appeared on First Coast Living TV show with co-hosts Nick Loren and Charlene Shirk. I had a blast on the show and sang part of “You’re Not Alone” (sorry no video of that part) and “Upside Down” during the main segment. Nick and Charlene also interviewed me in the Intro Segment and in the Main Segment. Then I hung out with them at their co-host desk during the closing of the show (sorry no video for the end of the show either). Nick Loren is a Hollywood producer, actor and singer. He is one of the few artists to score a top ten single on the Billboard Charts as an Indie Artist! He’s been John Travolta’s stunt double for 14 years and been in 18 movies. Charlene Shirk owns a production company Shirk Productions and an award winning writer, broadcaster, and media celebrity.

Here are the links to two of the segments I was in:

First Coast Living Intro Segment

First Coast Livinig  Main Segment

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